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The Winner of The Red Dot Design Award 2022

Recently, the well-renowned Red Dot Design Award had announced the list of award-winning items for 2022. AI SMILE Intraoral-Scanner S4, a product that was independently developed by China smart surgical companies and an AI-based non-standard customized industrial Internet platform, Weiyun AI, had stood out among the competitors and won this international award with its minimalistic design, accurate and efficient data collection. 

This 3D oral scanner has gone through 4 iterations, which leads to the promotion of acceleration of technological innovation in the oral care industry. Moreover, it becomes a symbolic item that marks the fact that AI SMILE, an invisible aligner brand, is going to begin a revolution in oral health in no time!

1. Setting Off a New Change in the Industry

As mentioned above, Weiyun’s fourth-generation 3D intraoral scanning and computing terminal, AI SMILE Intraoral-Scanner S4, has won the Red Dot Award this year. This instrument was first used in the cooperative clinics of AI SMILE, a smart orthodontic brand under Weiyun that focused on invisible aligners. According to the report, the instrument could project an ultra-precise (10um) voxel grid in 2 minutes and generate an orthodontic AI simulation solution in 10 minutes. Throughout the process, our Intraoral-Scanner is able to develop its software, hardware, and optical modules independently. As a result, it can proceed to share or receive related online learning samples of 1.2 million cases as references. 

Our research team had taken a duration of 5 years to develop our Intraoral-Scanner S4. This invention had cost more than millions of dollars, and it was a well-created product that was jointly developed by scientists all over the world. From the perspective of Weiyun AI, this product is not only a technical breakthrough, but also a symbol of revolution in the field of digital dentistry. Now, our invention has been serving more than 1 billion consumers in China, and we believe that we will continue to provide more benefits to everyone around the world. 

2. Small but Promising

AI SMILE Intraoral-Scanner S4 is a portable, high precision handheld instrument. It is able to perform intraoral scanning to acquire 3D point cloud data and color texture information from patients’ oral cavity with an accuracy up to 10 microns. Therefore, it is very useful in various oral medical cases including orthodontics, teeth implantation, restoration, dental aesthetics, etc. Besides, our scanner is connected to the global cloud database of previous oral cases. With the references of those dental cases, cloud CAD/CAM will calculate the most suitable plans and distributed it to the AI smart factories everywhere. 

Therefore, we manage to deliver all dental products to our customers within 48 hours, as well as provide our doctors and patients a more comfortable, precise, and efficient real-time visualization solution in a short time. In short, patients of AI SMILE are able to undergo their orthodontic treatments in the most efficient way, through shortening the waiting time and reducing pain. 

3. Perfect Combination of Design and Technology

AI SMILE Intraoral-Scanner S4 is an ideal integration of technology and design. First of all, the light and simple design is not only suitable for dental clinics, but it also meets the needs of any families. Secondly, the streamline shape of the instrument is ergonomic as it upgrades the handheld experience of the instrument by reducing the burden on the dentists’ wrists when they are using it. Thirdly, the frosted surface helps to prevent its users from dropping it during operation. Finally, it is a fully automatic-generated 3D model. Hence, it shows the capability to reduce the threshold of smart devices in medical field, as well as giving the current market a more cost-effective choice.

Other than that, AI SMILE Intraoral-Scanner S4 is able to optimize the AI calculation and cloud of the model by referring to the database of cases. Therefore, with the help of this instrument, the doctors can share the customized 3D solution plans to their patients and adjust them according to the clinical needs. On the other side, the patients can obtain exclusive treatment plans in a shorter time. Moreover, they will have a better insight about the results of their orthodontic treatments in advance, reducing the fear of facing uncertainties. In such case, not to mention that the time taken and the costs of communication can be reduced too.  

As conclusion, Weiyun AI has accomplished a great achievement by winning the Red Dot Design Award. It is a great sign that AI SMILE, an invisible aligner brand under Weiyun AI, is showing a progress to realize the digital dental services all over the world. Weiyun AI has been keeping its motto - “technology makes life better” since the beginning of its establishment. Therefore, we will continue to work hard and empower the new development of digital and intelligent dentistry in the future. 


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