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Weiyun Artificial Intelligence: How Did the Pioneer of Digital Economy Reshape the Ecological Chain of Oral Medical Care within 10 Years?

2021 is a special year for every single person. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, almost all walks of life have been affected due to the pandemic. However, as the changes in economic patterns become faster, it also creates more valued opportunities for the development of digital economy in our country.

What does digital economy do? Digital economy is able to make use of the statistics of consumptions, productions, and services as references for the production of new services and applications. With that, the efficiency of production and operation of the society will be improved. In such situation, a great number of traditional industries will be transformed in order to become more modern and advanced for the consumers.

Based on the ranking in “Top 100 Digital Industries in 2021”, Weiyun AI has been acknowledged as the first AI platform that provides customization of aligners with AI-tech. In fact, Weiyun has established a Smart Factory, supply chain, and sales network through its AI, robotic facilities, and smart technologies since many years ago. It has provided numerous solutions for digital dentistry while creating a revolution in traditional dental industry.

Currently, Weiyun is supporting more than 20 thousand medical institutions. Growing at a 100% rate each year, it has become the only industrial platform on social media.

One quick question: As a pioneer in oral medical industry, how did Weiyun reshape the ecological chain in the industry?

In response, Ms. VP Steph had tried to explain everything in a recent interview by Dark Horse Technology:


Our Origin
Disadvantages of Traditional Oral Treatments

The main mission of Weiyun is to make everyone’s lives better. After 10 years of learning and advancement, Weiyun has created a strong and firm research and development team. Now, it masters a variety of complicated fields such as AI, Graphics and Image Algorithms, Robotics, Motion Control, Materials Science, Stomatology, etc. AI and robotics are the core features to optimise the traditional oral treatments and products, as well as creating an ecological chain in the industries.

Weiyun emphasizes the importance of an excellent application scenario. It needs a stable and well-developed surrounding to make use of its technologies and products. Hence, Weiyun decides to focus on the oral treatments after a long period of discovery. Back then, the dental industry in China was unstable and poorly-developed. However, Weiyun believes that it is capable to create a “moat” that to make use of its knowledge and technologies.

With that, Weiyun kicked start the process by creating a Smart Factory through SaaS, MaaS, and robots from Industrial Cloud. This technology is able to fulfil the requirements for customization through a standardized process. On the other hand, it has now covered the whole area of dental services and related products in the field of oral care, creating a closed-loop ecological chain. In a nutshell, Weiyun has successfully achieved Industry 4.0 in digital dentistry – Industrial AI.


Solving the Problem of Efficiency
Creating a Closed-Loop Digital Dentistry Chain

In 2018, Weiyun’s Smart Factory was officially involved in the field of oral medical institutions, clinics, and the respective patients. Up to now, it has released a variety of products in the field of minor medical beauty, FMCG, oral care, medical beauty and other thousands of categories, creating an intelligent system linking the complete product customization. Undoubtedly, this achievement has strived for the universalization of medical care in our society.

Since then, Weiyun has entered a golden period of rapid development. It explained the factors of achieving smooth development in a previous interview:

“Weiyun has mastered thousands of algorithms, including the algorithms of Cloud Brain and image algorithms of visual graphics. As our devices achieve the world’s highest level of productivity and precision, they also reduce the production costs at the same time. Moreover, they can ensure the constant linkages between the matrixes of MicroCloud, as well as keeping its competitive advantage in par.

Besides, Weiyun is able to create a complete closed-loop C2M ecology through the unique features of Edge, Cloud AI, Smart Factory, and supply chain. With that, we can provide more precise and complete technologies to medical institutions, hospitals, and clinics. We lower the requirement threshold for advanced equipment in clinics while improving the efficiency of treatments and AI exposure.

From the perspective of an orthodontic patient, the time taken for treatments can be shortened. As a consequence, the amount of waiting and suffering will be lessened. For example, Weiyun is able to deliver a treatment within 48 hours and send out the respective invisible aligners within 7 days. What is better is that we have increased the accuracy of our products to 98%. With that, we are now capable to solve the conflicting issues between the demand and supply in dental industry by satisfying the needs of digital dentistry through technologies and methods of Industry 4.0.”

One of the great examples for Weiyun’s technologies is AISMILE, a Smart medical brand. AISMILE keeps the data for millions of users. It provides advanced automatic services such as oral Cloud-scanning, AI simulation, AI teeth arrangement, and AI automated production to its customers. On the other hand, it is able to stimulate clinical changes automatically, generating the most suitable and accurate solutions for a full set of orthodontic treatments. With the help of AISMILE’s AI Smart Factory, it can now provide Micron-scale delivery of treatments, so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of dental and beauty care. 

Currently, AISMILE has covered a network of more than 20000 clinics. Not to mention that it has around a hundred thousand of patients around the world now.


Our Future
Serving Universal Values for 1 billion Consumers

Currently, Weiyun has formed a strong team in promoting the brand, by learning from Meituan Enterprise. A stable and efficient promotion team consists of a strong number of online and offline promotional channels. Weiyun has established 4 research bases, 5 production bases and 9 branches in China and overseas.

Weiyun believes that the universality and social welfares are the main values of technologies and innovations:

“We hope that technologies can make everyone’s lives better. We aim to provide services to all the clinics and consumers in China and all around the world, so that we can become a medical Smart company that possesses endless social values.”

Moreover, Weiyun believes that the demand of orthodontic treatments will increase as the society values their appearances more nowadays. With that, orthodontic services have shifted their focus from repairing to FMCG, as well as the pursue of beauty. Since the society nowadays have increased oral awareness, they will put more effort in oral hygiene care. Besides, due to the increment of GDP and consumption level, the market of digital dentistry has increased rapidly. Although there are more and more competitors in this field, Weiyun believes that this is a good sign – “The blooming of different brands brings more values to the industry and the consumers. This is the reason why digital economy exists today.

As for the current economy and policies, Weiyun explains, “The core purpose of digitizing an industry is to reduce the costs and increase its efficiency. That is a method to shape and reconstruct the ecology of an industry. No matter how the process is, the result will bring more values to the industry. It helps us to realize the logical construction in the formation of organizational structure, market models, operation models, and also technological innovation. Digital economy is the basic component to ensure the survival and development of an industry, especially during a crisis.”



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