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An experience you will enjoy, a smile you will love.

At AI SMILE™, we're a firm believer that a set of aesthetically healthy teeth is the window to your overall health. With the intention to provide the mass an opportunity to have beautiful and healthy teeth, we do that by offering an easy and affordable alternative compared to the traditional dental alignment treatment that generally cost much more.

Such act is made possible due to our professional team of engineers and orthodontists, backed by our Artificial Intelligence (AI) which offers speed and precision.

The AI system of AI SMILE™ has the ability to reach an ultra-high precision level of 10 micron (0.001mm) which translates to a top-of-class standard in the industry and is always focused on creating the best experience for the end user. This extends from the mapping of the dental alignment process and the making of our AI SMILE™ Aligners, to the offering of our proprietary AI SMILE™ APP that keeps users updated on the progress of their treatment.

Founded in 2021 and headquartered in China, AI SMILE™ has already assisted more than 100,000 people in achieving their beautifully confident smiles through our professional telemedical platform for orthodontics. We pride ourselves as an international oral care leader with hundreds of AI SMILE™ shops and over 20,000 dental clinics in our AI SMILE™ Partner Network worldwide. We also have an extensive network of more than 5,000 affiliated and certified dentists and orthodontists.

Therefore, AI SMILE™ speed and precision supports a faster and more accurate orthodontic treatment which in turn equates to better cost-efficiency for users of our digitised dentistry service.


Our Products

AI SMILE™ has developed the first end-to-end solution for your smile using AI-driven technology. Our AI SMILE™ Aligners are made from patented QEF (Quick & Easy Fit) & TPU material within our own China AI-driven Smart Factory. This is our ISO-certified and FDA-registered 3D printing facility where we produce a set of braces every six seconds. Having our own manufacturing facilities means that we can control the production process to offer you the best quality aligners and retainers.

At the same time, our cutting-edge technology allows us to achieve production precision at a 10-micron level, which is at 0.01mm. This means you are guaranteed of a 99% precision level for a smooth, comfortable fit. Our AI SMILE™ Aligners are also hardly detectable to the eye as they come clear with a smooth, matte finishing. Plus, they are stain-resistant, too. Most people won’t even know you are wearing them unless you tell them so!

Industry 4.0

AI Smart Factory

AI SMILE™ is backed by our parent company, Weiyun AI Group, which offers end-to-end digital dentistry solutions. Our aligners are created and produced in their AI smart factory which comes with advanced artificial intelligence technology and fully automated robotic manufacturing facilities. Backed by our in-house C2M cloud big data platform, not only are we able to provide our partner dentists with more convenient, smart, and precise orthodontic solutions, we can also utilise the wealth of data to offer patients fully customised invisible aligners that will fit perfectly. With this mode of vertically integrated operations, we are able to give AI SMILE™ Aligner users the best quality products at some of the most competitive prices.

Official Partner Clinic

AI Dentist

We have a stringent process of choosing the dentistry partners (AI Dentists) that we work with. As an AI SMILE™ Aligner user, you can thus be assured of receiving top quality patient care at any dental clinic within our carefully curated network of trusted orthodontists. Our AI Dentists are there to offer you oral care services at any point in your dental alignment treatment plan. We are continually expanding our AI Dentist network and our goal is to ensure that it is well spread out within Singapore for your convenience.

Partnering Clinic

AIClub at The Central

We see every AI SMILE™ Aligner user as a member of a community that is on the common quest for a more beautiful smile. That is why we work with AiDental Club, located at The Central (Clarke Quay) where you have access to an array of dental services provided by our team of dentists and oral care professionals, to kickstart your dental alignment journey. Regardless of the level of complexity in treatment, our team is able to advise you on the options available that will give you the best results possible.


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