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Frequently Asked Questions

Things you need to know about Invisible Aligners

AI SMILE™ Invisible Aligners

What are AI SMILE™ Aligners?

AI SMILE™ Aligners are clear dental trays acting as an orthodontic treatment that helps to align your teeth to its desired position. AI SMILE™ Aligners are also individually customised to each user and are produced at our own factory that is fully powered by our AI technology. Made with 3-layer structure that effectively addresses orthodontic strength and comfort, AI SMILE™ Aligners are also made from patented QEF (Quick & Easy Fit) & TPU material within our own China AI-driven Smart Factory. Such is ISO-certified and FDA-registered with 3D printing facility where we can produce a set of aligners every six seconds.

5 Common Concerns

1. How long is my AI SMILE™ Aligner treatment?

The duration of Aligner treatment varies differently and is subjected to a case by case basis. It would be advisable for patients to speak to our dentist on your expectations in order to provide a more accurate treatment plan.

2. Are Invisible Aligners more comfortable than metal braces?

Most patients will experience slight discomfort, tenderness, soreness or pressure during the first few weeks of wear and will gradually ease into comfort during the course of their aligner treatment. Such discomfort can vary in intensity from individual to individual.

3. Will AI SMILE™ Aligners cause speech impediments?

As with all orthodontic treatment, patients might initially notice a slight lisp for the first few days of treatment and any lisp will gradually fade and go away as your tongue gets accustomed to the appliances and adjust accordingly.

4. Will I still expect to see results if I don't wear my aligners based on the recommended duration?

It is recommended to wear your Invisible Aligners for approx 20 - 22 hours daily. If you do not commit to the recommended wearing duration, you could delay your treatment completion date.

5. What if I'm not satisfied with the results after treatment?

After consultation, our dental team will provide you with a 3D stimulation plan to show your desired end results. If you're following our treatment plan with due diligence and your teeth are not following our treatment plan, AI SMILE™ will offer one (1) additional set of Invisible aligners refinement at no additional cost.

Other General Questions

1. When will I start seeing results?

AI SMILE™ aligners gradually move and align your teeth subtly to minimise discomfort, therefore it is unrealistic to see significant changes in one to two weeks. While the speed of movement varies between patients, results will also varies but some patients may notice a subtle difference within 10 - 12 weeks.

2. Can I choose to only do partial correction?

In order not to compromise your biting, the upper and lower teeth must be considered as an integral part of the corrective plan. It would be advisable to speak to our dentist on your expectations in order for our dentist to provide you with the best treatment plan.

3. I'm below the age of 18 years old. Can I still proceed with AI SMILE™ Invisible Aligner?

Invisible aligners are generally safe and effective for children as they are for adults. Some orthodontists may provide clear alignment treatment for young children, but as aligners need to be worn 20 - 22 hours daily, careful consideration needs to be given for how children and teens will cope with this routine. It is advisable to speak to our dentist to find the best treatment for your child.

4. How is AI SMILE™ different?

World leader in artificial intelligence manufacturing, advises a group of 5,000 professional orthodontists on orthodontic plans and orthodontics. AI SMILE™ APP provides services such as wear reminders, orthodontic progress tracking, AI SMILE community, etc., and guides consumers to complete the orthodontic journey together.

Based on big data of more than 1.2 million cases, intelligent cloud computing works with dentists to jointly create targeted, customised and accurate correction plans and avoid manual discrepancies. The correction plan can be directly converted into a digital production plan, and the smart factory will perform micro-level production and delivery.

5. Do I need to extract my wisdom teeth before starting treatment?

Subjected to your teeth condition and expectations of our Aligner treatment, our dentist will evaluate your condition and advise if wisdom teeth extraction is required.


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