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Structure and Composition
The braces-less invisible orthodontic dental correction product made of a transparent thermoplastic polyurethane material. The teeth would be aligned to the crown. After the product is formed, it is an irregular product without a specific size. The product has been sterilized by ultraviolet rays.
Product Description
The raw material of the product is a dental diaphragm, which is colorless and transparent polyurethane. This product is designed by an authorized physician according to the treatment plan, where the surface shaped is consistent with the shape of all or part of the user's tooth crown, but it is different from the spatial position of the corresponding one or more teeth. After being worn, this product relies on the resilience of its elastic deformation to realize the correction of dental deformity. According to the degree of the user’s dental deformity and the connection, the treatment plan usually contains 1 -2 orthodontic devices, corresponding to the user’s upper and lower jaw corrections or either of them.
Scope of treatment
Used for orthodontic treatment, using continuous external force to adjust the position of the teeth to restore the correct occlusion relationship or to consolidate the orthodontic deformity
Who is this suitable for
Mainly suitable for permanent teeth.
Instructions for use
Before use, you must first confirm: all the checks and preparations before wearing have been done; there are no other diseases of the tooth jaw and periodontal,. You must obtain the doctor’s approval before usage.

A. Wearing instructions:

1. Cleaning the appliance:
Before using this appliance for the first time, it is recommended to use a cotton swab dipped in water, salt water or mouthwash to wipe the inner and outer surfaces of the product, and Use a small amount of toothpaste, and finally rinse with water below 40.C. Do not soak the appliance with hot water or disinfectant. Please ensure that surface of appliance is clean before wearing.
2. Clean the mouth:
Brush your teeth or rinse your mouth before wearing the appliance to ensure that the mouth is clean and free of food residues.
3. How to wear the appliance:
Principle: If there is no obvious misalignment of the molar, the front teeth shall be directly inserted with the appliance. If the molar teeth are misaligned, they shall be inserted with the appliance first.
Method: If there is no obvious misalignment at the molar, press the front teeth first, and then to the sides. After pressing, the upper and lower jaws can be clenched so that they are fully seated and fully fit the tooth surface; If the misalignment is obvious, start from the side, from back to front and then to the other side. If the appliance does not stick, use a medical foam or gauze to assist in positioning the appliance.
4. How to remove the appliance:
Principle: From back to front, alternate on both sides. Method: When removing the appliance, use your fingers to grab the edge of the appliance on the inner side of the molar teeth (that
is, the palatal side), gently pull it down, and straighten the two sides alternately. When removing the appliance, press the edge of the appliance on the outer side of the molar teeth (that is, the buccal side) with the nail of your thumb, and gently push upwards.
5. Preservation method:
If the appliance needs to be temporarily removed due to reasons such as eating, brushing, socializing, etc. , please remove the appliance and put it in the case after cleaning. It can be stored in a clean case; if there is a special situation that requires a long time to remove the appliance, the appliance and case should be cleaned and dried under the sun. After it is dried, put the appliance into the case and store it in a dry sealed bag. Clean it again before using it.
B. Wearing time:
  • In normal use, the wearing time of each appliance is generally about 2 weeks, and the appliance should be worn for at least 20 hours a day. Please follow the doctor's instructions.
  • Be sure to wear each set of aligners until there is no sense of corrective force and fully fit the tooth surface before replacing the next set of aligners. You should ensure that you can wear the corrective immediately. The next step aligner in the sequence, while retaining the first three step aligners of the current number of steps. It is recommended to replace the new appliance before going to bed. Afterwards, please replace the new appliance under the guidance of the attending doctor.
C. Requirements for follow-up visits:
  • The user should follow the requirements of the attending doctor and perform regular follow-up visits to confirm the effect and progress of the treatment.
  • The current appliance should be worn during the follow-up visit.
  • Adjust the correction plan: If the treatment plan needs to be adjusted midway during the treatment, the user should follow the instructions of the attending doctor to coordinate the adjustment of the treatment plan to ensure optimal results.
People who cannot use it:
  • Severe progressive periodontal disease;
  • People with mental illness;
  • Those who are allergic to materials;
  • The clinical crown is too short;
  • Those who cannot confidently wear and remove aligners;
  • Malocclusion with short bite or large sagittal malalignment, as well as incomplete dentition.
  • This appliance should be used under the guidance of an authorized doctor, and its use plan should be formulated by the authorized attending doctor.
  • The appliance should not be used if it is within the range of contraindications or if the attending doctor considers it inappropriate to use the appliance.
  • This appliance is customized for the user. The appliance must be used in the order in which the appliance is worn, and it can only be used for the user.
  • At the beginning of the treatment, there will be a little slurred speech. This is because the tongue adapts to the dental product and the symptom will disappear after a few days.
  • Wearing the appliance should avoid drinking liquid that is too cold or overheated. Do not soak the appliance with hot water or disinfected water, so as to prevent the appliance from deforming and affecting the treatment effect. Therefore, you should avoid drinking colored beverages to avoid contaminating the appliance.
6. During the period of wearing the appliance, there will be teeth soreness, pain, pressure, etc., which are normal reactions, indicating
that the treatment process has begun, and the teeth are stressed and started
If there is obvious discomfort when moving, the user should contact the attending doctor in time to determine whether the correction process is normal. Please do not adjust the appliance by yourself.
7. During the period of wearing the appliance, if allergies, gum damage, oral ulcers or abnormal tooth looseness occur not caused by
the appliance itself, you should Contact the attending doctor as soon as possible. If necessary, suspend the use of the appliance, and continue the treatment after
the symptoms disappear.
8. If the user cannot wear the appliance according to the wearing time requirement, if the wearing time is less than 12 hours per day, and the abnormal wearing time is not more than one week When the appliance is used, the use time of the appliance can be postponed, and the attending doctor should be notified in time; It must be approved by the receiving doctor and a treatment plan shall be formulated, otherwise, the treatment will be deemed to have terminated itself.
9. If the appliance is damaged, deformed or lost, contact the attending doctor as soon as possible and take remedial measures in time.
The product is directly placed in a neutral packaging bag made of food-grade PE. The neutral packaging bag should be sealed and placed in an outer packaging carton.
Maintenance and care
After each use, clean the inner and outer surfaces of the appliance with a cotton swab dipped in water or special mouthwash, and then put the appliance into the cleaned case. Dry the case, and put it in a dry sealed bag for storage.
Storage Conditions
The packaged appliance cannot be stored together with toxic, chemical and hazardous materials. It should be stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated and clean environment with a relative humidity of not more than 80% and a at a temperature no more than 40℃,
Production Date
See the product packaging label for details.


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