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Our Official Orthodontic partner, AiDental Club

Partnered by AISMILE, the AIDental Club is a Member Exclusive Dentistry Center established with the sole purpose of providing its valuable customers a series of top-tier Orthodontics services as well as better insight into their teeth through the most advanced technology. Being a pioneer amongst digital companies, we value the connection between our technology and the oral health status in our society. 

Constantly on a hunt for Innovative & New (IN ways) ways to increase the society's awareness and on the importance of maintaining a good oral health in order to grant you the most Confident Smile you can ever imagine. 

This is why we would like to introduce you to our Official Orthodontic partner, AIDENTAL Club, located right in the heart and center of Singapore. 


Why AiDental Club?
1. Professionality 

Staffed and supported by a team of professional Orthodontist & Nurses, our club is available for all individuals, clarifying any queries on your Oral health conditions and providing a clearer overview on the suitability for our AISMILE Aligners. In AiDental Club, we provide a myriad of Orthodontic services including X-ray, 3D tooth scans, as well as specialist Orthodontic consultation to help you identify the possible issues such as Misaligned teeth, Overcrowding teeth, Overbite, and Underbite to name a few. 

In addition, the professional team will also be responsible in assisting you further with any other dentistry issue you're concerned about such as scheduling an appointment with the appropriate Orthondontist based on your concerns & expectations to achieve your most desired Smile. 

Not stopping halfway, your personal Orthodontist will also follow up closely with you in ensuring a smooth journey, to the end of achieving your desired Smile. 

2. 1 to 1 VIP Services

Before you obtain your desired Smile, we respect each customer's Condition, Privacy and Well-being therefore at AiDental Club, you will receive a One-to-one exclusive service. This is the reason why the AiDental team only serve One customer per session, making your experience an exceptionally privellege one like a VIP. 

In addition, AIDental Club provide Exclusive facilities such as Swimming pool, Jacuzzi, Gym, Sauna and the expanse of Open spaces with greeneries at facilities deck on Level 5 (Exclusively for star membership customer) providing a different vibe in general comparison. 

Designed with the concept of being Modern and Futuristic – Possibly the next Perfect, Internet-famous, Photogenic backdrop to be shared across your Social Media. Not to mention that our consultation room comes with 270 degrees Unblock city view of Marina Bay Sands, Singapore River, Fort Canning Hills, or the City Skylines. 

Not just Picture perfect with all the scenic and picturesque view, we bet you that the AIDental Club will possibly be the 1st Orthodontic Centre that is able to grand you such Luxurious experiences. 

3. Systematic Location 

Strategic and conveniently located in the prime location of Singapore, the AiDental Club sits above Clarke Quay MRT Station (NE5) integrating the lifestyle of both Work & Leisure. 

To also make transportation easily accessible, we place ourselves at a district where Public transportation & Private drives is hassle free with a 5 mins drive away from the Central Business & Orchard Road via CTE and AYE. 

4. Aismile Clear Aligners 

Lastly, AIDental Club is able to provide its customers with the fastest access to a wide range of Orthodontic services, especially with our symbolic AISMILE Clear Aligners. Regardless of the level of complexity in treatment, the professional team can give you advice on the different options to achieve your desired Smile. 

To wonder the effectiveness of our Aligners and how its getting it's attention in this ever changing society, is a starting point to further discover AISMILE. 

Suitable for all type of Orthodontic cases including Simple, Moderate, or Complex teeth movements, our AI technology is supported by Weiyun Smart Factory, giving you the best result from changing the entire dental arch to even correcting biting issue. 

Being as clear as it could possibly get, our Aligners are not just minimalistic, they are also removable with ease. Perfect for the ever changing society who is now focusing on overall aesthetic outlook. 

Excited to embark on this Journey? Simply book your appointment with reference to the below. 

AIDental Club

Address: 8 Eu Tong Sen Street, 21-81, Singapore 059818

Operation hours: 9am - 5pm (Monday to Friday)

Contact Number: +65 9830 8535


*Note that our AIDental Club is accessible by appointments only. Contact us via call or email to schedule your appointment today!


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