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Medical Revolution: Orthodontic Smart Alignment System Venus 1.0

SHANGHAI, March 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently, the leading surgical robotic and AI customerized industrial Internet company - Weiyun AI&Robotics Group has successfully developed AI SMILE Orthodontic Smart Alignment System named Venus 1.0, which Intellisense, analysis, generate and demonstrate the personalized dynamic treatment process in 1 minute. Based on its pioneering technology of artificial intelligence, biomechanics and the big data on dental aesthetics, with the deep learning of its close-loop data samples of 1.2 million cases in Chinese market, Weiyun Group actualized the AI simulation dynamic solution of invisible orthodontics, which has officially been recognized as the world's significant technology practice, and opened a new era of medical industry worldwide.


Reformation: AI Technology Redefine Medical Treatment Service

The AI SMILE Orthodontic Accurate Smart Alignment System Venus 1.0 which is independently researched and developed by scientific team of Weiyun Group, is based on the millions of database on Weiyun cloudbrain. It can accurately identify and automatically analyze gingival margin lines and teeth segmentation through artificial intelligence technology and featured big data calculation. According to the individual physiological characteristics and tooth morphological traits and status, the ideal dental arch and tooth alignment design will be automatically generated, with the considerations of aesthetics as well as biomechanics. At the same time, the step-by-step simulation of digital predictive design and the determination of personalized dynamic solutions signify the breakthrough in invisible orthodontic technology globally. The breakthrough of Venus 1.0 is not only showing its pioneering technology power of the world's leading level, but also demonstrating to the international market its core competitiveness in vertical scenarios such as invisible orthodontics and digital medical industry, promoting the innovation and transforming the current industry.


A New Era: From Digitializing to Deep Learning

Compared with the traditional dental treatment problems such as long waiting time, tedious process of taking records and taking mold, and difficulties to predict the effect of orthodontic treatment, the successful advent of AI Smile Venus1.0 marks a historic breakthrough in Orthodontic treatment and digital dentistry worldwide. Professor Pan working in Orthodontics department of Shanghai Ninth People's Hospital, which is the national center for oral disease clinical research department, comments that "Venus 1.0 adopting artificial intelligence and biological simulation core technology, targeted to the analysis of current user dental arch and craniofacial morphology, assist doctors with the intelligent dynamic solution to be closer to the patients' demands and aesthetic preferences. It has the characteristics of high precision, high efficiency and high individuation." In addition, the AI orthodontic system provides a visual and real-time dynamic demonstration scheme on the mobile APP, which has revolutionized the way of medical records management and doctor-patient communication, it truly promotes the reform of the medical industry from Digitalizing to Deep learning. Venus 1.0 processes the digital dental model within 30 seconds, and demonstrates teeth arrangement plan within 1 minute through APP + SaaS (software). It predicts dynamic processes and final treatment effect, which provides the effective, efficient and visible method for treatment management to doctors and patients, reducing time and communication costs and information gaps, achieving the true WYSIWYG.


Budding Unicorn: Weiyun AI & Robotics Group Is Much-anticipated With Its Overwhelming Tech Advantages.

 As a company structuring its technology R&D as the core competitiveness, Weiyun AI &Robotics Group has always seen " technology brings a better life" as its mission since it started. With its pioneering technology power by continuous efforts and breakthroughs in last decade, it has been paid a wide amount of attentions by the industry and medias. In last two years, Weiyun Group had received hundreds of millions in financing, and been awarded as "Annual Frontier Science and Technology Innovation Enterprise", "Pioneer In AI Technology Practice", "Core Enterprise of The Year", as well as be recognized as "The Unicorn Enterprise" by the national sector twice in a roll. In the future, Weiyun will keep updating AI smile Orthodontic Smart Alignment System and widely putting it into commercial use, improving the service procedures and standards of medical treatment, and transforming the current medical industry. AI Smile Venus 1.0 will be practiced as the important national medical project with well-known stomatological hospitals and clinics including Shanghai Ninth People's Hospital. At the same time, Weiyun Group is also planning to launch this cutting-edge technology for in-depth cooperation with its international invisible orthodontic AI SMILE clinics, and also looking forward to assisting more dental clinics which have the same commitment to provide high standards digital dental services in more efficient and effective way in hope to bring the benefits to more dental doctors and patients.

Innovation gives the direction for the future, and technology makes the future coming true. Weiyun AI & Robotic Group will be consistently making efforts to renew its sharp technology with outlooking the global trend while focusing on digital dental industry. As the leading tech firm in medical scenarios, Weiyun Group will keep concentrating on its AI technology advantages, establishing the close-loop digital dental industry chain, achieving the full coverage and complete solution of oral medical treatment, improving the treatment experiences and effects, therefore, leading the update of consumption as well as the industry.

Reported by yahoo finance.

Sat, March 26, 2022, 8:00 AM


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