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AI - Potential to Transform the Industry

Another AI Breakthrough, Chinese Leading AI-tech & Medical Enterprise WEIYUN AI&Robotics Group Has Shown Its Strong Unicorn Potential to Transform the Industry

SHANGHAI, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / December 28, 2021 / Chinese leading AI medical firm- Weiyun AI&Robotics Group, which starts as a kinematic calculation & motion control of robot R&D center, and gets world-famous for its advanced AI & robotic technology and application in the medical industry, as well as its high-end brand of dental beauty, treatment instruments and daily care products - AI SMILE. It has been recognized by many scientists, investors, medias and experts as one of the most potential enterprise to lead the future AI 'eco-system' to empower the current dental medical industry as well as the modern lifestyle.

By ways totally different from traditional invisible orthodontic companies and dental labs, Weiyun AI&Robotics Group constructs and satisfies several commercial modes including S2B2C, D2C and C2M. Its layouts has covered most cities of China and multiple countries by far, and it is hoped to become the largest medical intelligence company and invisible orthodontic company in China within five years.

Weiyun: AI has the power to change dental industry and more

AI SMILE, which is the market brand of Weiyun AI&Robotics Group, aims to help everyone smile more and prettier. Currently, AI SMILE has more than 400 advanced dentistry products in the market, satisfying almost all the dental scenarios in people's daily life.

Take one of its signature product- the invisible aligner series as an example, AI SMILE offers its top quality invisible aligner with more convenient and comfortable wearing experiences by much more affordable price of its alternative products as a result of the in-depth reshape of industrial ecologic chain by its breakthrough and integrations in polymer material, the advanced and efficient AI smart system, and its intelligent factory. Its elegant design and portability makes it has been immediately widely discussed once it's launched.

AI SMILE20211228

 Through its world-leading unmanned factory, The life changing AI SMILE brand is not only limited to offering the invisible aligner products, but also another 400+ innovative dental products and service, includes oral instruments, light medical beauty, fast consumer goods, medical care, and many other categories. It deliveries the concept to use AI& robotics technology empowering the current industry and improve everyone's daily life.

The reason why AI SMILE gain such huge success in the oral consumption market is mainly based on the core competitive advantage built by its parent company - Weiyun AI&Robotics Group. Weiyun AI&Robotics Group is a medical industrial internet enterprise offering customized products based on AI breakthroughs, in-depth industrial integration, which aims to improve people's medical treatments and daily care consumption experience and finally empowers the modern lifestyle. Its global R&D team is composed of the leading technical scientists, professors and medical experts from all over the world. With 10 years of consistent precipitation and development, it has overcome multiple technical barriers in robot motion control, mechanics, machine vision, graphics and image algorithms, automation, embedded development, stomatology, polymer materials areas. Now the company has established a digital customized dental service process with a closed loop by "Terminal device, Maas Cloud, Intelligent Plant, along with AI Algorithms", which can improve the efficiency, quality, yield of the whole production as well as service process in a large extent, regarded as the inimitable competitive advantages in medical industry.


AI SMILE20211228-2

According to Professor Wang Tianmiao, WEIYUN senior chief scientist, honorary director of Beihang Robotics Institute and Distinguished professor of Changjiang Scholars of the Ministry of Education, "Weiyun AI&Robotics Group has built the structural advantages by taking high-end dental health consumption as the main line, taking mobile customer service App as the demand entrance, taking AI-Saas of dental technician institute as the support, and taking precise and efficient robots as the cloud processing center. WEIYUN is expected to become the leading innovative enterprise in this subdivision field and has established the strong high technical barriers and resource coordination ability, through the integration of digital demand, design, manufacturing, distribution, restructure the online and offline traditional medical industry."

Since the beginning, WEIYUN AI&Robotics Group has been recognized as one of the most potential enterprise to lead the future AI 'eco-system' with its advanced perception and technology and in-depth integration in the medical industrial chain, with hundreds of awards, such as, " The most influential innovative enterprise of AI scene landing", "Most innovative companies with unicorn potential", "Annual frontier technology innovation enterprise",etc. It has been invested by Professor Wang Tianmiao, AlphaX Partners Fund, YiMei Capital, and a number of quoted companies and funds with several hundred millions. And its business performance grew by nearly 100% every year, showing strong market potential and huge commercial value.

In the future, Weiyun AI&Robotics Group will be consistently making efforts to have the advanced AI technology deeply integrated with current medical industrial entity, and expecting to reshape and revolute medical and other possible industries through its core technology, and finally to improve people's living experiences and life quality based on its AI & Robotics breakthrough as their mission.

Reported by yahoo finance.

Tue, December 28, 2021, 10:30 PM


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