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The Importance of Smile Line for a Perfect Look

Everyone wants a charming, beautiful smile, and that is another reason why we seek for orthodontic treatments, other than maintaining our oral health.

However, that makes us wonder sometimes: “What should we do to make sure we could achieve both?”

In fact, the discussion about smile line is important during our first appointment with the dentists or orthodontists.

Smile line refers to the imaginary line of along the incisal edges which mimics the curvature of the lower lip during a strained smile. As the smile expands, the six teeth between two of our upper canine teeth are exposed.

If a normal teeth bite is acknowledged as the principle of orthodontics, then smile line will be considered as the “soul” of orthodontics.

Basically, there are three categories of smile lines, including low smile line, average smile line, and high smile linHigh Smile Line

1. High Smile Line
High smile line is also known as gingival smile. In this case, all of the upper front teeth will be exposed, together with the exposure of gums that are at least 2mm.

It has a great impact on a human’s appearance. Lucky Blue Smith has been recognized as the most handsome model soon after his debut. However, he’s facing the issue of gingival smile. Even though he looks absolutely perfect in most of the photoshoots, the way he smiles is, often, not as attractive as how he looks when he’s not. Therefore, the netizens also gave him another nickname, “The Model Who Shouldn’t Have Smile”.

2. Low Smile Line

Low smile line refers to the smile that exposes less than 75% of the upper front teeth with no exposure of gums.

Due to the changes of appearances of Angelababy throughout the years, multiple rumors about her undergoing plastic surgery have been spreading since a long time ago.

As we gone through her old pictures, we notice that she used to have a classic low smile line back then. However, after her orthodontic treatments, there was an obvious change in her lip line. Her smile is more charming and confident nowadays.

3. Average Smile Line

Average smile line is the most ideal smile line. Around 75% to 100% of upper front teeth are exposed, while exposure of gums remains less than 2mm.

Most of the celebrities possess this type of smile line. As they flash a smile, 8 to 10 teeth are exposed. Their smile lines are parallel to the upper edges of their lower lips. Moreover, the downward curves of their smiles are natural.

Gao Yuanyuan is one of the symbolic celebrities with an average smile line. She had the experience of undergoing orthodontic treatments. Back then, invisible aligners are not as common as nowadays, so she had no choice but to attend several shows with her braces on.

After her treatment, she returned to the screen with a perfect smile. With that, she became a well-known “goddess” in most of the people’s hearts.

On the other hand, Brad Pitt is also a celebrity with average smile line. 

His smile is bright, charming, and friendly. Besides, he exuded a wild atmosphere around him which makes him look even more attractive.

Here comes the question: Can we get such perfect smile lines?

Usually, the majority of people are not born with an ideal smile line. There are many reasons that lead to inadequate smile lines, mostly due to uneven teeth such as crowded teeth and buck teeth.

This is why we can improve our smile line through different orthodontic treatments.

To achieve a perfect smile, we can overview the conditions of our teeth and our smile lines to find the most suitable treatment.

Smile line can be customized based on an individual’s face shape, ad well as the curve of his or her lips. Hence, it is important that we discuss about it with our dentists on the very first appointment.

We should voice out our opinions and needs for the modification of smile line to the dentists according to the actual condition. Otherwise, we can only make our teeth look more even while improving the basic functions of our teeth.

Besides, we can request the dentists to show us some similar cases to have a better insight about the consequences of an ideal orthodontic treatments. Soon after we have a better knowledge about that, we can proceed to discuss further about the possibilities of getting a better smile line in order to achieve the best orthodontic effect.

So, if you’re considering of getting an orthodontic treatment, just do it! It’s time for you to shine with your most confident smile.



Tay Cheng Ean


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